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Web Design / Development

From redesigns to new designs, taking UI/UX on a journey.

What makes us different from other agencies?

We are responsive.

We dedicate ourselves to keeping communication to the utmost. Always there when you need us and always there for support

We pay attention.

As you tell us your ideas and what you are looking for. We strongly adhere to this and make it so that we create what you want and need.

We commit.

We limit the number of clients we take on so that we can commit to every project without full attention to make something great.

We build trust.

Our goal is not to finish a project quickly and easily. It is to build a long-term business relationship that you would be happy with.

We help the small businesses by creating web designs you will be proud to call yours.

Modern • Simple • Creative •
User Experience

Lunar holds the user experience of a website in high standing. As these are the actions that prompt lead generation and ongoing website usability. We create a proper structure that holds true to your business personality and values.


A brand today is all about the story it tells of your business. From the visuals, logos, and content it shares with the readers. We are a branding agency that provides the touch and feel to all of your readers in which they are further immersed into who you are.

Web Design

We are a web design agency that provides next-level designs to showcase your brand and business. Adding proper structure and storytelling while including the strategy of your target market in your website. We work closely with our developers to make all websites responsive and at home for all devices and screen sizes. 


Our full-stack web design and web development agency based in St. Louis provides the means for front-end and back-end development. We work closely with our designers to bring out the most of your values and what you need.

Our Work

Lunar Designs is passionate about what we do. We always strive to give back the top results possible by what our clients ask for.

web design agency


UI/UX | Concept Website

web design agency

Prime Painting Concepts

Redesign | Branding | Development

branding and UI/UX design

Galaxy Dumpsters

Website | UI/UX

web design and development agency

Furniture Store

UI/UX | Concept Website


Lunar Designs • A New Image •

A Great Partnership.

Schedule a Discovery Call today and receive 5% off on your next website design/redesign.

A simple but effective work together with strategy, allowing ease and a breath of fresh air.

UX is everything.

From visual to interactive. The user experience is what creates traffic and sales. Bringing in leads from your site.

No idea is linear.

Ideas are not linear they go in all directions. As a designer and developer, I can advise, redesign or create a leading product for your business.

Ideas with no end.

I am not bound to a time zone or any ideas. I perform at my best being a perfectionist and creative thinker. Where the project is no matter of time I am there.

The Process


We hold a quick zoom meeting with you to discuss the purpose of your website and what you envision it to be gaining intel on your business and ideas.


After discussion, we hit the drawing boards and put together some mockup ideas keeping true to the purpose of your site and its ideals.

Intro Meeting

After the mockup completion, we will hold a meeting to discuss your feedback and make any changes necessary to uphold your vision and ideals to the best possible extent.


Once changes are complete with the final mockup, the next stage is to design the actual website and finish it off with development to ensure an optimized and secure site.

Testing / Final Feedback

The time has come to run final tests in order to make sure all is well and working as intended. The final meeting will be held to discuss the final design and once complete have it go live!


This was the second project I hired Lunar for. They again exceeded my expectations and my redesigned website looks amazing! Thanks, Daniel!

Great to work with! They are knowledgeable, very responsive, and helped figure out all the issues I was having with my website.

Very attentive, easy to communicate with, and makes sure to understand the job completely as I want it.

Lunar is great, very communicative, and did everything in their power to create something I have been wanting for so long. As well as provide a quick turnaround time!

Super happy, amazing work!