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A new touch of modern

furniture website redesign black couch
furniture website redesign white couch ui/ux

A modern website touch meets


Figuring a way to entice new customers into a rich and modern website user experience when shopping. Shopping for furniture can be quite fun for most and less intensifying for others.

Implementing these two variables on top of creating a modern eye-catching experience of a furniture website redesign. Though we have done it.




By approaching the challenge head-on. The creation of a rich and friendly design was appropriated.

Implementing different aspects of user capability and easy navigation. Allows the consumer to easily move around and navigate to their wishes.

Furniture website redesign

grey modern furniture couch set mockup






By creating straightforward navigation on the shop menu. Allows customers quickly to shift through various furniture options.

furniture filter and color table

Adding a filter price scroll which in return hovers a digital number allowing more control and a user-friendly experience.

filter price scroll button

In deciding, the most user-friendly and most eye-catching way of showing a color picker came to this. Once loaded and clicked animation effect allows the colors to expand and rotate to create an immersive and fun experience in shopping.

furniture color picker
desktop view of mockup website

As times change
things get more

In doing so, so must websites. By creating that sleek friendly application comes more appeal from consumers ready to buy.

furniture store website mockup shop page
furniture store website mockup home
grey modern solo chair


furniture mobile mockup home
furniture mobile mockup shop

Simplicity is the New

In doing so, so must websites. By creating that sleek friendly application comes more appeal from

As times change and go on so must we and our business. Take the leap forward to a new day and trend.

Are you ready to take on a new step to a new face of the business? Need a new website or redesign?

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consumers ready to buy.