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MD Law

Moving a Legal Practitioner’s website from the Past to Present

UI/UX Design

Creating credibility with today’s time on a lawyer website

My first thought above else; was that a website is the face of a business. When viewed depending on the look and feel of the site. It right away portrays a sense of credibility and up-to-date knowledge of all aspects.

From here the thought goes to thinking how a professional and flowing web design for a legal practitioner could convey many ideas and feelings. Since many are wanting someone who they can trust with their case and issues at hand.

The first implementation for a legal practitioner

The first process was in deciding the most important aspect of a lawyer to convey to their potential clients. That was the services; once figured I wanted to create a user-friendly experience to get the point across right away. When clients view lawyer websites they look immediately to see which type of services they offer and if it would be of any help to them.
lawyer services

By providing a section where services are clearly defined and expressed. As well as when clicked will navigate the reader to a section providing further information. Allows a simpler more modern approach to quick findings of what the reader needs.





UI Design










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The Process

Designed to be easy









legal practitioner lawyer redesign desktop view



mobile view home lawyer
contact view home lawyer


Allowing a more versatile and easily navigable UI design presents itself with a cleaner simpler ease-of-use. Generating an increase in leads and clientele.

legal practitioner lawyer hero page beige
daniel website designer lawyer contact page

Web Design simplicity is the New

In doing so, so must websites. By creating that sleek friendly application comes more appeal from

As times change and go on so must we and our business. Take the leap forward to a new day and trend.

Are you ready to take on a new step to a new face of the business? Need a new website or redesign?

Contact me today and let’s start a project.

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