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Prime Painting Concepts

Role: Web designer and developer

Context: Painter website redesign

Duration: April 2022 – April 2022

Client Details

Understanding the company.


Prime Painting Concepts is a home painting business that focuses on both interior and exterior painting. From the ceiling, stairs, kitchens, decks, garages, etc. Opened in 2013 Prime Painting has become a fast-growing painting business in the state of Minnesota.

Design Challenge

When viewing the old design previously done for the business; many errors in layout and structure, as well as provided information structure, come to mind. Some areas had duplicate content as well as an insufficient amount of CTA buttons prompting the reader to contact the said business for higher lead generation. Additionally, the website prior to its redesign had a less appealing color combination enticing those who view it.

Design Strategy

Creating a process from scratch.

Brand Colors

More CTAs

Lead Gen



The Mockup

As we are starting from scratch the first step is always a mockup. First off getting in touch with Prime Painting and understanding the goals and look of their brand is what allows us to create a stunning website. Once a meeting is complete and information is taken, a mockup is created of a rough draft that will be the starter for the actual website.

Setting a need to decide on the brand colors that will be used as well as the structure and layout scheme. Including more CTAs that will create the necessary lead generation and audience growth to obtain more clients.


Once the mockup was complete a meeting was set to go over the design and structure. Once approved by the client, the creation of the website was next. Including adding animation and interactivity to give a rich and professional user experience. Upon finishing the final design; testing of the site began to make sure that all responsiveness on all displays was sufficient and correct and that no errors were occurring. Once complete a discussion was set to view the design and have approval given.






Previous Design.


About Us

Residential Painting



The redesign

Content Fix

Compressing and Improving content.

Once the mockup was complete in the strategy design process. We found ways to condense information and add more instead of being separated from other pages which had no real purpose to the stated content.


After gaining approval from the client the refresh began and a new chapter in Prime Painting Concepts story started.